You’ve got a math exam coming up and you have no idea what to do. Math isn’t your strong subject. It never has been. You’re sweating and panicking, because this exam will count toward your final grade.

You wish you had paid attention in class, but no matter how hard you tried, you could barely focus. Don’t worry, though we’ve got some tricks that will help learn mathematics and pass the test with flying colors!

Here’s what you should do:

Start With Easy Exercises

Take baby steps. Start with the basics and then move on to more difficult questions. You need to first understand how a problem is solved before applying that concept to more complex scenarios.

There are multiple ways to solve one equation. Figure out which method works best for you. It’s not necessary to stick to one method. Just make sure you don’t skip any steps.

As long as the answer is correct, you can use any method.

Understand Your Doubts

There are times when we get stuck with a problem and find it difficult to move forward. Ask yourself what’s causing you to doubt yourself. And remember, never skip a question completely.

Move on to other questions first and then come back and solve the problem you were struggling with. If you still don’t understand what you’re doing wrong, ask a friend for help.

Asking for help will help you understand which steps you’ve skipped and what you did wrong. It will clear any doubts you have in mind.

Create a Distraction-Free Environment

, Simple Tricks to Learn Mathematics Fast

The best way to learn math is to starve your distractions and feed your focus.

Go to the library or another quiet place to study. Make sure there isn’t a TV around or people who can distract you. Switch your phone to “airplane mode” and log out of social media.

You can listen to music that helps you concentrate. White noise is also great for focusing.

Set a timer so you can take a 15-minute break every hour. Give yourself a time limit to solve equations. Try not to spend more than 5 minutes on one equation.

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The best way to get a firm grasp on the subject is to study online with a tutor who can guide you effectively. You need to be able to learn at your own pace, in a stress-free environment.

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