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Expand your math skills and enjoy a community of learners with our self-paced program on the Excel Mathematics course platform.


Our 6-12 online programs are designed to bring The Excel Mathematics Learning Center classroom to you. The online classes are as sit-back and listen to the lesson prepared for math educators. You will be practicing math problems at the end of each lecture.

National Average
Using Self-Study Programs
Using Excel Mathematics

Percent of Students Who are Proficient in Math

Only 34% of 8th graders are considered to be proficient in math. That number decreases to 25% for 12th graders. Students need more than just a study program to help them improve, they also need professional educators that can show them the way to becoming excellent in the classroom.


  • Gain the knowledge and the ability you need to think creatively, critically, and logically. Use a variety of tools to reason, make connections, to solve problems successfully.
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Video Lessons

How to Excel at Math

The video lessons provide definitions, step-by-step instructions to solve problems and plenty of practice problems and examples.


15 Secrets to Becoming a Master of Math

With our Practical Steps to Excel in Mathematics eBook:

  • Have a clearly defined goal
  • Mathematics is about Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Master the key concepts…
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Online Math Learning Center - Achieve Your Academic Success Goals.

Are you a middle school or high school student struggling with math? You’re not alone.

Several students have trouble keeping up with the math curriculum in their school. That’s why Excel Mathematics is dedicated to helping students develop a deep understanding of concepts and excel in them.

We’re an online math learning center where you can learn mathematics from basic to advanced levels. Brush up your knowledge and polish your skills with our informative videos, lessons, and resources.

90% of our students are proficient in mathematics, making us one of the leading maths learning websites out there.

Our expert tutors use active learning strategies to walk you through important concepts and topics, helping you practice, and answering all your questions. With email access to our tutors, you can reach out to them with any concerns or queries you might have.

Avail our free 2-week trial and start laying the grounds for your future academic success with Excel Mathematics today.

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Jocelyn F.
Excel Mathematics Student
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“Excel Mathematics is an incredible program with very knowledgeable tutors that are sure to make you understand any type of mathematics. From the quality of the education to the kindness and thoughtfulness, Excel Mathematics is sure to help students overcome any obstacle in math."
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Marco S.
Excel Mathematics Student
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"Working with these presentations has been amazing. Thanks to all the detailed examples and real world problems, I was able to get a perfect score on my End of Year math exam. The lessons are made to be easy and fun to watch, and that makes you just want to learn more. More kids can be able to do what I did with this website. With the help of Excel Mathematics’ dedication in helping students and your willingness to learn, you can achieve great things in the world of mathematics."
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Nayeli T.
Excel Mathematics Student
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"Excel Mathematics has helped me enhance my learning skills with all the practice problems and the many different resources available."

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