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Welcome to Excel Mathematics Online Course, home of students learning solutions, improving performance, and achieving their highest potential. Our experts are passionate professionals in our industry that together deliver solutions that are highly creative, innovative, and, most importantly, effective. These Online Math outstanding Videos presentations help students in a useful and enjoyable learning experience. Video is already a recognized component of active learning, providing a simple and entertaining method of transferring information to learners while increasing information retention. In fact, video in education can boost retention by 83% over time. We utilize and instructional design methods, along with excellent visual design to create students solutions to each specific needs.  By helping students learn how to connect the dots, they learn and develop the skills necessary to solve real-world problems. Not only do we want to increase their confidence, but we also want to improve their attitude and passion for mathematics. Our greatest satisfaction is in seeing our students  succeed and creating solutions we can all be proud of.

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Maria Torriente is an expert Math teacher and President of Excel Mathematics Online Course . She is known for her warm and generous personality of strong beliefs, and her genuine enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge in helping students to go extra -mile. She is a mathematical passionate and  loves to inspire students  of all ages to challenge when they are solving any math problem. Maria knows that  all students can learn and achieve at the highest level with the proper support. She has created these online courses to allow students to succeed in the classroom and to be ready for college careers. 

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Research has shown that there are 7 different types of intelligence. The most effective educators are those who customize their approach to the unique strengths and learning styles of each student. Students are smarter than they  think they are, and we are here to let them recognize that. 

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 Seeing students become more capable and build confident as their performance improves is the reason why our videos presentations are so rewarding. As a student begins to see results, their desire to learn expands and their potential becomes limitless. 



Share knowledge and opinions – teaching students with honesty and integrity.

Direct, honest, trusted language- use original  and accessible words to explain  product benefits.

Passionate & inspiring – genuine excitement and love for teaching and encouraging

Being authentic and living to our principles practicality

High expectations of their students , and help them to be the best that they can be

Value intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and typically have high standards in these regards, which they continuously strive to fulfill

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Maria Torriente :President Excel Mathematics Online Courses ------------ Juan Jorrin Vice-President