That’s a good question.

Why is math so hard to learn? Why does it feel like a chore? And how can we make it less stressful?

The truth is, it’s not math that’s difficult—it’s just that we all learn at our own pace. For some, solving equations is a piece of cake; everything comes naturally to them. For others, they need more time and patience to get a better understanding of equations.

But why is it so difficult for some people and easier for others? Here are a few reasons:

It’s All About Cumulative Discipline

The thing about math is that every concept is linked. In order to have a good understanding of one area of math, you need to obtain an understanding of all the other areas too.

If your basics aren’t strong, you won’t be able to understand advanced equations. Think of it like building a house of cards. You need to keep stacking the cards on top of each other to build a structure.

But one wrong move or miscalculation will topple your structure. Similarly, if your concepts aren’t clear in math, your answers will be wrong.

, 3 Reasons Why Math Is Hard to Learn

It Takes Time and Energy

Since math is all about operationalizing interweaving concepts to get answers, it takes time and energy. Some people quickly grasp the concepts, but it takes others time.

Getting a good understanding of an equation and formulas can quickly become mentally exhausting for the latter group.

Since math cannot be memorized, it’s a practical subject. You can memorize the formulas, but you need to understand the question to solve it. Most people give up before they ever reach a point where they’ve practiced enough. Consistency and perseverance are the keys here.

Here’s a neat trick: find a problem you enjoy working on.

Teachers Often Stick to Using One Method

One thing’s for certain: math can be complicated. That’s because there are various types of methods that can be applied to one equation.

The main problem is that teachers often choose to focus on one method instead of teaching students how to solve problems using different methods. Students should be able to choose and decide which method they want to use.

This will pique their interest and will give them the freedom to choose. When students feel restricted, studying feels like a chore to them.

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