Math is literally the most useless subject.”

I hate going to my math class.”

Another day has passed and I still haven’t used algebra.”

These are the most common phrases we hear when someone is talking about mathematics, be it outside the school parking or on social media. The popular opinion is that “math sucks,” has no utility, and overall, is just hard to learn or retain.

None of these statements is true and only ingrained in our minds because we grew up hearing the same opinions. This is also why a majority of students just give up learning their math lessons and don’t even make an effort to improve or change their methods.

With a little effort, you can be proficient in differentiation formulas and algebraic theorems.

Here are three ways you can improve your math grades as a middle or high school student!

Focus on the Concepts

There’s no way you can learn math without mastering the concepts and understanding the essentials. Most students give up on mathematics because they feel frustrated when they’re unable to make sense of the equations and formulas.

From probability to statistics, it’s of utmost importance that you learn concepts from the beginning. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t move on to a new lesson, unless you understand the previous one.

In textbooks, math lessons usually get more advanced sequentially, so if you’re unable to understand concepts in the first chapter, you will have a hard time learning the ones in the fourth chapter.

Practice in Different Contexts

Practicing is vital for retention. When your concepts are clear, you need to hone your skills by practicing the same formula in different situations. Context is important to ensure that your concepts are clear and you’re not just relying on instrumental learning.

Interactive Learning

When you have doubts about your methods and concepts, interactive learning can save the day.

You can use instructional videos to figure out the steps you’re having trouble making sense of. With a strong command on key concepts and using methods other than rote learning, you will start to see your math improve in no time.

, Think You’re Bad at Math? 3 Ways You Can Be Better

Figure 2: Interactive math learning

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