Let’s face it; while some students love math and excel at it from a very young age, others seem to lag a little behind when it comes to solving the most basic math problems.

The disparity between the two types of math learning capabilities often renders teachers in an unsettling position since they can’t tweak their lesson plans just because one or two students in the class are unable to keep up with the pace.

This, in no way, is the child’s fault. There are many reasons why some children struggle with math—perhaps they have a short attention span, they don’t practice their basic math skills or they simply dislike the subject.

Whatever the reasons may be, math is one of those primary subjects that build a foundation for a child’s education in the future. So if you’re wondering how to help your child excel at math, here are a few fun tips to help your child polish up on their math skills.

Make it a game

Studies show that 70 percent of teachers have seen an increase in student engagement when they’re taught using educational video games.

Whether it’s a good, old-fashioned board game, a tricky puzzle or some new online math game in the market, learning through games allows kids to have practical experience with learning mathematical concepts.

In addition to that, since kids are already accustomed to playing and having fun, they will be more open to learning from games compared to the disciplined classroom setting.

, The Best Ways to Make Math Fun for Your Child

Make use of devices

There’s no denying that kids are curious about high-tech devices and would do anything to get their hands on them—even if they don’t understand them!

You could use it to your advantage and incorporate these devices into your child’s learning. Several fun apps will help reinforce and teach mathematical concepts to children. In fact, studies show that learning through smartphones activates areas of reading, language, memory, vision, decision-making, as well as complex reasoning.

Show them the relevance of math

Your kids wouldn’t be the first students to doubt the significance of math in everyday life. When learning becomes monotonous, kids often struggle to find the purpose and practicality of it.

To tackle this, you can show your kids how math is useful in real life. Cooking and baking are some of the best ways to get them started as it’s a group activity and involves enough measuring to help your child polish their math skills.

, The Best Ways to Make Math Fun for Your Child

However, planning all these fun learning activities can be a tedious task. But don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

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We make use of visual aid and other engaging activities to make learning fun and effective for your children. Get in touch with our expert online math tutors and subscribe to our programs today!  

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