Despite being widely disliked, math remains one of the key subjects used in every field and industry. From working out the cash required for tipping to calculating monthly expenses, knowing the essentials can make your day-to-day life easier.

Most people hate math because they consider it difficult to remember; and with easy access to calculators on smartphones and Google, most of us hardly put any effort into applying it without the additional help.

That isn’t to say that learning math for real-life tasks is useless. In fact, it’s quite a skill that’s you can boast and even impress people with.

So how do you go about doing math in your head? We’re here to help you out!

Tricks for Fast Math

Both adults and students can use these techniques to make their life easier and confidently solve problems within seconds.


We all know basic addition and it’s easy for smaller numbers such as 22 + 34, but what do you when it’s 222 + 334? You’re more likely to go looking for that calculator or take out your phone rather than do it in your head. However, with this technique, you don’t need to rely on anyone or anything else.

The first step is to simplify the process. Instead of trying to add 222 with 334, round them up to 220 and 330. It’s better to round them to a lower number rather than a higher value, and add the remaining at the end.

Rounding removes one step from the process and you don’t have to deal with carrying numbers. Once you add the two rounded values, you get 550. Add 4 + 2 and the answer is 556.

The method works for 4 figured numbers as well; however, you may need a little practice before you’re proficient.


When multiplying a large number, the quickest way to solve it is by dividing one number in half while multiplying the other number by 2. This method works for even numbers, so let’s take 60 x 24.

You can quickly figure out the half value of 24 and easily multiply 60 to 2 to get 120. Multiply 12 to 120, which is a lot easier than solving 60 x 24 and you get the same answer for both.

, Mental Exercises and Tricks to Sharpen Your Math Knowledge

Keep in mind that these tricks require some practice but are easy to master within days. If you want to learn additional tricks, keep following our blog for quick calculation of percentage and division.

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