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Or in other words: greetings!

On the surface, there’s little link between Pythagoras and Charles Babbage, but when we look closely, we can discern a lot of similarities in the bits and bytes. Pun intended.

Computers, obviously, would never be possible if it wasn’t for math. The very word, “compute,” means to “calculate.” You can say, then, that math is the base and computer science is the (hypotenuse? perpendicular?) building that’s built on this base.

Just knowing this interesting tidbit can broaden your children’s waning interest in math. Most children treat math as the bane of their existence, whereas they all love computers. Ask any student what they’d like to be when they grow up, and you’re sure to get “computer scientist” from a lot of them.

Tell Them About Algorithms

, How Do I Get My Child To Be More Invested in Math through Computer Science?

Getting your child invested in math is all about getting them invested in computers—and no parent needs to tell children how great computers are. So tell them that when they grow up, they too can design their own video games—but that they’ll need to know more than a little math for that.

Algorithms, or a set of instructions, sit at the heart of much of computer science. And Google isn’t the only thing that uses an algorithm—2 + 5 = 7 is also an algorithm—albeit the most basic kind!

Analysis and Problem Solving

Both math and computer science require and train you in problem solving and analytics. Data analysis might seem like something that’s exclusively computer science-related, but we have all used it in math.

Remember all those problems we’d have to solve in school by analyzing whatever data was provided to us? From equations to derivations, a lot that we learned in school—and beyond—goes on to help us with our computer science missions later on in life.

You Can’t Do Without Them

If you want to see your child pursue computer science at college, you can rest assured that they won’t be able to get in without math. Mathematical concepts underline computer science, and you need an advanced understanding of mathematical concepts to excel.

From machine learning to artificial intelligence and from probability theory to multivariable calculus, math will ultimately help you become a computer science ace.

Heck, even the binary language is math.

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